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I was trained to shoot and edit video while working for a regional newspaper group and some of the examples here are from that time. It’s an essential tool to tell a story and many of the skills required stem from stills photography experience. Not every occasion lends itself to video, but those that do work well and impart information quickly in a short video format intended for a fast moving and impatient web audience.

The Poppy Factory

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Shot to accompany a still images feature on the Royal British Legion poppy Factory in Richmond. A perfect example of how video can quickly explain and deliver information to the viewer.

Sumo Learner Driver

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A humorous story which accompanied the still images about a sumo wrestler who was learning to drive. Thankfully the subject was very good natured an up for all the fun of the shoot!

World Memory Champion

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Showcasing the amazing memory skills of the 8 times world memory champion Dominic O' Brien while he was an adjudicator at the UK championships.

Internet Bride

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Shot to go with a news/lifestyle stills feature about a young woman who had decided to marry a man who lived in the USA. She had only ever spoken to him over the internet, yet had sold all her possessions and was preparing to fly out for the wedding.

Herts Air Ambulance

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Shot in 2008 as a video feature on the Herts Air Ambulance for a regional newspaper. The aim was to spend time with the crew and maybe accompany a flight. On arrival they were out on multiple shouts and after hours of waiting for their return I shot a single landing of the helicopter on their return. The crew too tired to participate in anything but a short interview I left with very little content to build a watchable and informative short. The challenge became the edit.

Swan (and duck) Lake

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A friend who lived on a house boat on the Grand Union canal remarked to me on how funny it was watching the swans and ducks falling around on the frozen water during the cold snap of Winter 2008/09. I and the camera batteries wrapped up early one morning to capture their antics on not the canal, but a nearby frozen aquadrome. They all duly ‘danced’ and performed on cue. There was, of course only one piece of music that it could all be edited to.

The Relaxing Room

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A research project undertaken at Herts University to create the worlds most relaxing room.

Nick Clegg at College

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The Liiberal Democrat leader on a visit to West Herts College campus in Watford during 2008. Fresh faced and unaware of what the future held for him he toured an aircraft fuselage for training cabin crew and took on a Q and A session from students.

Nick Clegg at CAB

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I seemed to be constantly assigned to video Nick Clegg the then little known leader of the Liberal Democrats in 2008. I always found him to be very accommodating to the fledgling video shooter and instantly liked him. I remember asking him to announce who he was for the soundtrack as I gently explained that no one really knew who he was. I probably wouldn’t bother today.

The Starlight Walk

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Shot to promote a charity walk at a Hertfordshire hospice involving celebrities, Martin and Shirley Kemp

St Albans Beer Festival

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A feature on the annual St Albans beer festival. The very dark auditorium posed problems for the tape based video cameras of 2009. Today's low light ISO cameras would have taken this in their stride!

Verulam School Laser Cutter

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A local school feature on a fantastic laser cutter that they had purchased. The pupils learned to program the machine and produce some amazing products.

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