My love of photography began as a teenager when I self taught darkroom techniques in my blacked-out bedroom, much to the despair of my parents.
In my late teens I was offered a job at a local newspaper, The Barnet Press. Here I learned the best and fastest way- actually on the job. I stayed for four years leaving to freelance for the national press. The Times the Daily Express, The Press Association and National News Agency were among regular clients.
In 1992 I joined the Watford Observer group of newspapers and In 1998 became their Picture Editor. Whilst here I ran a desk of five senior photographers yet still undertook regular assignments myself. I developed this role, taking the Newsquest Media group from black and white darkroom through early colour scanning and printing into digital photography and on to video and the web presence it has today.
In 2008 left I Newsquest to return to freelancing in London and the South East region. Current clients include, The Daily Mirror, Arena Magazine, Samsung, and Tesco and Waitrose.